James asks…

What are good foods to eat to help remedy and keep hearburn ( acid reflux ) at bay?

What are good foods / drinks to have when you have acid reflux / heartburn?

Also are there natural cures, instead of meds?



There are plenty of excellent natural remedies out there which could definitely help you achieve your goal. But let me suggest you first to try to reason and find the true cause of your heartburn or acid reflux. If you do so and remove the cause, you’ll be free for ever. Otherwise you’ll only mask the problem to find yourself not to long after with the same condition or worse.

Acid reflux is a defensive mechanism of the stomach which characterizes for an abnormal acid output. The main reason for this is the overwhelming amount–or constant management–of food by the stomach. Other reasons include: eating several meals a day, or snacking; drinking liquids with foods; overeating; late supper; over-cooked foods; low quality fats; etc.

Correct the issues mentioned above, give your stomach a brake by fasting for 1-2 days on papaya and/or apples, and then use these simple but powerful remedies:

Mix 1 teaspoon of each of these herbs (freshly cut) and put them to boil for 5 minutes, and let it seat for a while:

Fig’s leaves

Sweeten it with a little honey or Agave Nectar. And add 20-25 drops of Licorice root extract to this tea. Drink 2-3 cups a day. And, DON’T EAT ANY FRIED FOODS WHATSOEVER! Milk and cheese should be avoided if you want a permanent fix.

Milk, cheese, eggs, soda, refined foods (white bread, white sugar, white flour, etc.), vinegar, coffee, chocolate, sardines, very starchy foods, red beans (too high in nitrogen content), ice cream, onion, pickles, roasted nuts or seeds, and black/red pepper.

Apple, papaya, pears, sweet grapes (no the green one), figs (no dried), asparagus, sweet tomatoes, mango, cabbage (excellent to regenerate the stomach’s linen), steamed broccoli, garlic, ginger, raw nuts (specially almonds), artichoke, brown rice, olive oil (extra virgin and first cold press), and carrot.

This is easy to do, effective, and affordable!

I already know the results…

Good luck! :)


Charles asks…

Who knows about Papaya Enzyme tablets?

I discovered that papaya enzyme helps with indigestion and heartburn. As I am going through a difficult time of the first trimester I’m experiencing digestion difficulties and am seeking natural remedies.
I’ve had a taste of papaya tablets once long ago and I can’t remember which brand, and there seems to be many out there, but when I recently bought some at the local commissary it was mint flavored and I can’t handle mint because the taste and smell of it makes me nauseous. (I even stopped using mint flavored toothpaste and use the kids bubble fruit flavored one lol)
The one I had tasted like papaya and it was sweet and it was shaped in a round tab, not the oval shaped ones that are still sweet and made of fine powder. This one was almost fibrous and tasted more fruity. Does anyone know which brand I am talking about? Or a certain brand that you recommend? Thanks your feedback would be appreciated.



i recommend enzymes often with my patients and feel pure encapsulations really makes the best source out there; at least compared to others i have tried.

Good luck!


Carol asks…

Does drinking Aloe vera help with pregnancy heart-burn?

Amongst natural remedies, this is one I have heard of. Along with drinking apple-cider Vinegar (YUCK?). Has anyone tried either of these and do they work?? I have seen Aloe Vera Juice in stores, so I figure that one can’t taste too bad. But I’m hesitant to try the vinegar honestly.
My heartburn/indigestions has been so bad, I have been taking Pepcid AC, and Zantac, etc. But I wonder if there is something non-medicinal that is just as effective.


I’d check with your doctor or midwife first. I had horrible heart burn and NOTHING helped. Luckily, it goes away immediately after giving birth.

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