James asks…


so i had extreme heartburn before i was pregnant and now that i am its gotten so bad to the point where i wake up in the middle of the night choking almost to death on stomache acid and vomit. i eat tums like they are candy and nothing is working at all for me. my doctor said just to wait it out. well i can’t if one night i actually do drown in my stomache fluids. also i can’t really prop myself up since i am sleeping on an air mattress which is deflating because there might be a hole in it…any home remedies??? 8 months pregant btw
i am sleeping on an air mattress because i am looking for a cheap bed set at the moment. but am having bad luck..


Try eating a few dry cracker before bed…
I have also heard a tbs of apple cider vinegar in water helps change the PH of your stomach too…
Also…maybe yogurt might help also..
Avoid, tomatoes, citrus, soda, mint, and anything spicy


George asks…

26 weeks pregnant have some heartburn any advice??????

Like for an exsample what to eat, what not to eat, special home made remedies to ease the pain, and any safe medication to take while pregnant that works well ect……..


Eating bread drinking milk helps my husband, tums or mylanta -no spicy food that is all i know of


Jenny asks…

can i take just a little swig of pepto bismol while pregnant?

I have some in the fridge… and it’s raining outside, and I am at stuck at home with my 1 year old…

I am 36 weeks pregnant
with HEARTBURN…. I ran out of tums!

if not, than can someone please suggest a remedy?


No pepto is not safe for pregnant women at all. I would go get yourself some tums or maalox hon, or try eating a dry cracker or something to absorb the acid and maybe a glass of water.

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