Donna asks…

What are good foods to eat to help remedy and keep hearburn ( acid reflux ) at bay?

What are good foods / drinks to have when you have acid reflux / heartburn?

Also are there natural cures, instead of meds?


Anything that isn’t greasy Myalanta liquid or tablets also
Quick-eze I have found always does the trick as it kills the acid in your stomach don’t drink coke or pepsi as that will wash the lining off your stomach and give you heartburn I have even stopped drinking too much water as this gives me heartburn and sometimes I expect you have had a drink of milk but unless you have no fat milk ordinary milk has fats in it
the only cures you can get is your eating habits stay away from burghers anything fried and soft drinks unless its pure apple juice that seems to cure a lot of things try smaller meals and stay away from food that gives you indigestion
There are tablets for reflux but they are under presciption but if you take a visit to your chemist and ask him he will give you some sound advice on what causes it

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