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Is it really IBS or something else like H. Pylori?

Im a 21 year old male and Im into natural bodybuilding, I typically workout 4 times a week, and eat 6-8 smaller meals with loads of carbs and protein and essential fats, I’ve been on the regime for quite a while, normally it would take me 10 to 20 mins to eat, however in feb i noticed it took me slightly longer to eat ie 5mins extra as i fealt full early, but I ignored it, however it got worser and worser to the point where it would take up to 50 mins to finsihs, I also started to feel bloated, and started burping and passign wind moe than usual, I also noticed more frequent bowel movements, normally it was 2 a day, however it then became 4+, it would be lose watery and have mucus and undigested food, I spoke to my gp and he siad I have IBS and gave me mebeverin which did nothing, I then started to vomit whilst in the middle of eating some of my meals. Which really worried me, he ordered me of protein shakes and high protein diets for a while which I did, I got booked for a blood test and it showed im slighlty low on iron, which is odd as the food I normally eat was full of iron. I tried to lowe my protein and carb intake a bit and start training again, but again I still fealt bloated and symptoms returned and I started to vomit again while eating. Even when I tried so many IBS remedies like probiotics, digestive enzymes and peppermint oil, nothing happened. Due to these issues I cant eat right and cant workout, thereofe from eating less calories and inactivity I have lost 5 kg in bodyweight. I just feel my metabolism that was fast at one point has came to a standstill, sometimes when using peppermint I gert heartburn, I also get it when going to long without food and sometimes when eating I feel food trying to come back up. Im not buying that I have IBS, Im tired of hearing it and I just feel GP’s arent listening and helping me. I mentioned H.pylori, dyspepsia, gastritis but they say dont think too much as its bad for my mind. Have I really got IBS or is it something else?


I have ISB and some of your syptoms sound very similar to mine, but do you know how they PROPERLY diagnose IBS? They can’t, so they have to elimenate all other possiblities.

Firstly, just so you know, IBS can be triggered by eating a certain food (not food type, like an allergy, so you could, for example, eat cheese but not be able to drink milk, if you get me?) So try making a food diary to see if anything in particular is setting off these episodes. I can’t have probiotics or anything else you said, for example, because they set me off.

Next, make sure you have all the tests done – thyroid, animea (as in, low iron levels), and colonospy are the main ones. And demand these, as if your passing food this quickly there may be a problem with your gastro-intestian tract (other than IBS). Once you’ve had all these done, listen to your doctor.

IBS is a problem that can’t be seen, fixed, or sorted in anyway, it varies from person to person as to what happens. It could be a little bit of tummy ache when you eat certain red meats, or it could land you in hospital on a drip everytime you look at wheat. Its a really wide ranging disorder, and if the doctors say you have it (after all the tests come out negative), then you probably do. That doesn’t mean they should just ignore you though. Demand to see a dietition (its what they’re there for…) and find out what sets it off (like I said, it can really be anything – theres a water cooler at work with too much magnesium in that I can’t drink from without being sick), and get some medication that works – if mebeverien doesn’t work – get something stronger. However, it won’t work if you’re still eating the wrong foods – a cast only fixes a broken leg if you rest it.

Go back to your doctor, get the full blood works done, see a dietition, get better meds. And maybe lay off the stomach excesizes to give your muscles a break – they’ve probably been doing too much lately anyway ;)


Steven asks…

Natural/herbal remedies for heartburn?


Meadowsweet herb

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