Ken asks…

What is an effective, SAFE way to bleach my teeth at home?

I have yellowy teeth, and I want to change that without spending $30 on some store-bought teeth whitening kit. I know that the lemon juice and strawberry remedies are off the table for me – I have chronic heartburn, and already have enough damaged teeth from the acid in my mouth without adding environmental acids. Any suggestions?
to repeat … I’m not interested in store bought remedies, or anything involving lemon juice or strawberries. i can’t risk the acids, and I want a suggestion that involves things I might find lying around the house


Use Baking Soda every once a week


Donald asks…

Can tap water make you sick?

I live between two different houses. In one I always have bottled water. But in my second, I drink water straight from the tap. And ever since I’ve moved into this new place I seem to be feeling sick daily with heartburn/upset stomach. My diet is the same in both places. I can’t think of anything else that is changed expect the water. People say the remedy for heartburn is drinking more water. But when I do, it always gets worse. I’ve never had this problem at my other home where I only drink bottled/filtered water. Do you think the water could possibly be the culprit or am I going crazy?
Change in routine? While a valid theory, unlikely at best as I’ve been staying in multiple residencies for years and the problem has only developed in this one specific location.


Water is very unlikely to be the culprit; I don’t want to go too much into defending the Tap water industry and commenting on the horrendous environmental damage of bottled water, but every survey finds tap water is safer and tastier than bottled water when people don’t know what they are drinking. Yes it is possible that there is something wrong with your water system and that is causing you to be sick, but given that you suggest the problem goes away when you are at your other place, it is unlikely as any water borne problem is going to not disappear just because you drink water somewhere else

The most likely is that you suffer from a case of acid over production and the change in routine at the new place is just enough to tip the balance, you don’t notice it at your other place, not becuase of the bottled water, but because you are more comfortable there – its not just the water that is changing but your state of mind and I believe you will find that has a much bigger impact

But this sounds like an underlying problem, do you suffer from a sore throat or are you having persistent heartburn, which are both things you should get checked

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