Donald asks…

what is the best remedy for acid reflux?

I have a new onset of it. No heartburn, just ALOT of acid in my mouth. If I spit, i could burn holes :-) !!!
My mouth is sore… have been taking zantac, no relief. I am afraid my teeth will rot.
am seeing my doc tommorrow, but want relief before then…


Hi Daisy,

You may want to consider tracking your diet and see if there is anything in particular that makes it worse.

Other than that my experience has been that zantac worker for a little while but the became ineffective. I switched to Prilosec and have had absolutly tremendous relief from it, I don’t even have to take it everyday, On average I take it every other day and now have almost no problem.

By the way, my acid reflux was so bad I couldn’t lay down to sleep had to stay proped up, Prilosec is the answer for me, hope for you too.

Richard Schulz


Sandra asks…

Remedy for PAIN from LIPITOR?????

Persistent pain from taking LIPITOR …taken Nexium, also antacid to reduce the intolerable heartburn, stomach and chest pain…still having pain although stopped taking LIPITOR today. Last dose was taken 16 hours ago. Anybody there to advise me on tips to temporary relief from these adverse effects of LIPITOR. Thanks!!


Now that you have stopped the lipitor you should start feeling better in a couple days and should be pain free in a few weeks. Take some advil or tylenol for relief in the short term. If you believe you need cholesterol lowering medication then ask your Dr. To prescribe a different one.


Betty asks…

I have really bad panic attacks that stem from derealization and other feelings, help please?

I have always had anxiety from childhood but did not have a full blown panic attack until I was 28 years old. That was three years ago and I basicly started allucinating while I was paying in a basketball game. It is hard for me to see things normally when I feel axiety coming on. I have done CBT and breathing and diets and a few of the online anxiety relief methods. I now cope slightly better with panic attacks and they are less often but the anxiety is constant and I always worry that I will have an attack at any moment. I have trouble going to meetings for work, going out to dinner, and playing any sport at all which I used to do a lot. I am trying to stay away from perscription meds, but I think I may have to get something soon. I don’t want an SSRI because of the sexual side affects and I have taken xanax in the past which has helped but again, to many side affects and not a permanent remedy. I hate being this way, I used to be very outgoing and social and strong minded but recently I am no longer that way. I drink a lot and the only way i can go out to the bar or restaurants with friends is to be intoxicated which often does not allow for me to be anxious. I really want to play sports again and get in shape and be normal again. I am scared to do so many things and I cannot get past this at all. I do not have most of the physical symptoms that people have for panic, I have this trippy feeling and then I cannot eat talk chew, or think clearly. I also get stomach aches and I have really bad heartburn all the time. I need my life back, please help me.


The drinking sadly isn’t good for you I know cause I’m the same way but also don’t like the meds and side effects.I just started going to church stopped taking all that crappy medicine and I am so much better.I still have social anxiety but not nearly as many panic attacks.Thanks to God. I hope you can find help Bless your heart.


Robert asks…

I will be seeing a doctor soon but i’d like help for possible remedies to my symptoms?

I get heartburn easily which isnt uncommon. Over the last 6 years i have had slight pain in my left chest near the tip of the rib cage at the bottom rib. It was occasionally i had the same pain on the right side as well. A few anxiety attacks led me to use the emergency room as a doctor. I couldnt afford to see a doctor, but now i am working and have health insurance and should be seeing one soon. I recently went to the ER again, and they told me all my vital signs were okay and nothing on x-ray. Sometimes i feel whatever my condition is, it is very life threatening, and i’m not sure how much an x-ray can rule out any serious problems (that would be something I’d liked answered as well). It will take a while to see a doctor, maybe a few weeks because i’m a truck driver and making an appointment has to work with my down time. I have had a flash feeling of dizziness in my head a few times. I have trouble losing weight even when I took an all vegetable diet. I fasted 30 hours and it did help me feel better a bit. I get pains in my wrist and ankles frequently now and some times slight numbness. I feel its a few different problems i will be diagnosed with. I tried a PH balance diet for a while and while it did seam to help a little, overall no progress or improvement. I am overweight by 90 lbs now which has obvious effected me as my weight has steadily increased in the 7 years i been driving trucks. stomach sickness is associate with eating a lot. when I fasted I had the urge to vomit a few times, my empty stomach made me feel ill. the closest things i match my symptoms to online is pancreatitis. I have had a kidney problem for years, my doctor 8 years ago told me she thinks its IGA nephritis. I am planning to do a lot of swimming soon. I need more advice on what I could do to help determine my problems and feel more relief of the symptoms until i can get proper treatment.


Heartburn is usually due to insufficient acid/lack of enzymes. If you are taking any sort of acid blocker/antacid, please note they should not be taken more than 8 weeks due to serious health issues from lowering essential stomach acid. There are many conditions associated with low acid and one is hypothyroidism – a very common cause of being unable to lose weight due to sluggish metabolism. Deficiency states commonly seen with hypothyroidism can cause a few of your symptoms as well.

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