Mandy asks…

I need help what else can I do for heartburn?

I am pretty sure I have some terrible heartburn and indigestion what can I do for it? I mean I have taken Tums and that doesn’t do anything and it doesn’t matter what the heck I eat I get it! Is there any advice in home remedies or do I just need to go straight to my doctors? I just can’t take it anymore it makes me sick (literally) help me please!
I am 7 weeks pregnant.

Thank you!
I tried bananas and to make it more difficult I hate milk! :/ I might try Mylax or w/e it is haha thanks…but I am the same way I have been sleeping upright too.


MYLANTA!!! Its a life saver for heartburn, and its safe to take during pregnancy. My OB has me taking it along with Nexium for my acid reflux. The mint kind tastes the best.


Laura asks…

Whats the cause for all these symptoms?

I’m a 30 yr female. A couple of months ago i started to notice a pain in my chest area. Its like its on the right breast bone right to the middle of chest. It is a dull pain, not sharp or stabbing just dull. Also i have a pain in my throat, it starts at the breast bone area and goes up to right under my chin! It feels like my throat is sunburnt. I’ve also been having alot of heartburn recently. That started about a week ago and is getting worse, its really putting me off eating. Remedies for indigestion work for a half hour or so but then its back. The heartburn and sunburnt throat feeling is also only on the right side. I also get pain in my right chest area at night but only when i’m lying on my left side! What do u think is going on? By the way i’m a smoker since i was 15! Really at a point now that i want to give up, i’m scared.


As mentioned above, I would definitely see your doctor first to be on the safe side. However, your symptoms sound like acid reflux. Acid reflux can cause heartburn, which is a burning sensation behind the breastbone, in your esophagus. It can also cause burning and a sour/acidic taste in your throat and mouth.

You need to educate yourself on what causes acid reflux and heartburn and then change your lifestyle to prevent it. Smoking is a major contributor as well as fatty, greasy, spicy, and acidic foods. I’ve attached a link to a site that gives a lot of information about acid reflux and heartburn. Good luck!


David asks…

Do you want to know about Healthy food in the Holy Month of Ramadhan?


This article provides useful advice on how to avoid some common problems encountered in Ramadan. If followed, it would enable one to fast comfortably and enjoy fully the spiritual benefits of Ramadan.

During the holy month of Ramadan, our diet should not differ very much from our normal diet and should be as simple as possible. The diet should be such that we maintain our normal weight, neither losing nor gaining.

However, if one is over-weight, Ramadan is an ideal time to normalize one’s weight.

In view of the long hours of fasting, we should consume slow digesting foods including fiber containing-foods rather than fast-digesting foods.

Slow digesting foods last up to 8 hours, while fast-digesting foods last for
only 3 to 4 hours.

* Slow-digesting foods are foods that contain grains and seeds like barley, wheat, oats, millet, semolina, beans, lentils, whole meal flour, unpolished rice, etc. (called complex carbohydrates) .
* Fast-burning foods are foods that contain sugar, white flour, etc. (called refined carbohydrates) .
* Containing-containi ng foods are bran-containing foods, whole wheat, grains and seeds, vegetables like green beans, peas, sem (papry), marrow, mealiest, spinach, and other herbs like methie, the leaves of beetroot (iron-rich), fruit with skin, dried fruit especially dried apricots, figs and prunes, almonds, etc.
* The foods eaten should be well balanced, containing foods from each food group, i.e. fruits, vegetables, meat/chicken/ fish, bread/cereals and dairy products.
* Fried foods are unhealthy and should be limited. They cause indigestion, heartburn, and weight problems.


* Fried and fatty foods.
* Foods containing too much sugar.
* Over-eating especially at sehri.
* Too much tea at sehri. Tea makes you pass more urine taking with it valuable mineral salts that your body would need during the day.
* Smoking cigarettes. Smoking and anything which is bad for health is Forbidden in Islaam, since Smoking is unhealthy and one should stop it completely. If you have this bad habit, it is good time to stop it now and for ever.


* Complex carbohydrates at sehri so that the food lasts longer making you
less hungry.
* Haleem is an excellent source of protein and is a slow-burning food.
* Dates are excellent source of sugar, fiber, carbohydrates, potassium and
* Almonds are rich in protein and fiber with less fat.
* Bananas are a good source of potassium, magnesium and carbohydrates.


* As much water or fruit juices as possible between iftar and bedtime so
that your body may adjust fluid levels in time.


Constipation can cause piles (hemorrhoids) , fissures (painful cracks in anal canal) and indigestion with a bloated feeling.

Causes: Too much refined foods, too little water and not enough fiber in the diet.

Remedy: Avoid excessive refined foods, increase water intake, and use bran in baking, brown flour when making roti.


Causes: Over-eating. Too much fried and fatty foods, spicy foods, and foods that produce wind e.g. eggs, cabbage, lentils, carbonated drinks like Cola also produce gas.

Remedy: Do not over-eat; drink fruit juices or better still drink water.

Avoid fried foods; add ajmor to wind-producing foods.

LETHARGY (‘low blood pressure’)

Excessive sweating, weakness, tiredness, lack of energy, dizziness, especially on getting up from sitting position, pale appearance and feeling faint are symptoms associated with “low blood pressure”. This tends to occur towards the afternoon.

Causes: Too little fluid intake, decreased salt intake.

Remedy: Keep cool, increase fluid and salt intake.

Caution: Low blood pressure should be confirmed by taking a blood pressure reading when symptoms are present. Persons with high blood pressure may need their medication adjusted during Ramadan. They should consult their doctor.


Causes: Caffeine and tobacco-withdrawal, doing too much in one day, lack of sleep, hunger usually occur as the day goes by and worsens at the end of the day. When associated with “low blood pressure”, the headache can be quite severe and can also cause nausea before Iftar.

Remedy: Cut down caffeine and tobacco slowly starting a week or two before Ramadan. Herbal and caffeine-free teas may be substituted. Reorganize your schedule during the Ramadan so as to have adequate sleep.


Weakness, dizziness, tiredness, poor concentration, perspiring easily, feeling shaky (tremor), unable to perform physical activities, headache, palpitations are symptoms of low blood sugar.

Causes: in non-diabetics: Having too much sugar i.e. refined carbohydrates especially at suhur (sehri). The body produces too much insulin causing the blood glucose to drop.

Remedy: Eat something at sehri and limit sugar-c


Jazakallah. That was really good.
I never read such long posts but I read every word of ur post.


Ruth asks…

My boyfriend has a pain?


my boyfriend is suffering from pain in his chest, how he describes it to me is that he feels like something is lodged in his windpipe. he has tried warm drinks, cold drinks, indigestion tablets and gavisgon and the pain is still there. he does say that he brings up acid in his throat from time to time.

i thought it was indigestion or heartburn but its stopping him from eating and its lasted for 3-4 days now. any ideas on what it could be or remedies would be great.

snesible answers only please….

thanks for you help.


See your health care provider as soon as possible (cardiologist) or primary care doctor.
The doctor will thoroughly examine the chest wall, lungs, and heart and will frequently order an electrocardiogram (EKG) and blood tests. A chest X-ray is usually not helpful and may not be ordered. If the source of the pain remains mysterious, a whole battery of expensive and complex tests may be recommended or required. Pain relief, by injection or mouth, will sometimes be needed. Hospitalization will be required in instances when the heart is involved or when the cause of the pain is not clear. I hope this helps you. And good luck.

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