Sandra asks…

What is best to take for the heartburn that doxycycline hyclate causes?

I would like to know if there is a home remedy or a certain food that might make me feel better. Thank you.


The PDR…Physician’s Desk Reference..recommends taking doxycycline with food and milk. Have you tried that and not on an empty stomach?


Joseph asks…


what is the best home remedy? x


Catnip, fennel, ginger, marshmallow root and papaya tea all aid digestion to relieve the symptoms of heartburn.

If you wish to treat the cause, eat a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables, free of packaged, processed foods, and drink lots of filtered water.


Jenny asks…

The offical ___________________ of NASCAR ?

whats your sponsor/offical ____________ of nascar thing

look at all these
Aflac (Official Supplemental Insurance)
America Online (Online Partner of NASCAR.COM)
APlus (Official Convenience Store)
Bank of America (Official Bank, Checking, Savings, Credit/Debit, Mutual Funds and Security Brokerage)
Best Western (Official Hotel)
Chevrolet (Impala) (Official Pace Car, Official Passenger Car)
Coca-Cola (Official Non-Alcoholic Beverage)
Combos (Masterfoods) (Official Cheese-Filled)
Coors Light (Official Beer)
Country Crock (Unilever) (Proud Sponsor of NASCAR)
Craftsman Tools (Official Tools)
Daytona USA (Official Attraction)
Diageo (Official Wine)
DIRECTV (Official Partner of NASCAR)
Dodge (Official Passenger Car)
Domino’s Pizza (Official Pizza of NASCAR)
DuPont Performance (Official Finish)
DuPont Tyvek (NASCAR Prefers Tyvek)
Duracell (Official Alkaline Battery)
Eastman Kodak (Official Imaging Partner)
Enterprise Rent-A-Car (Offical Rent-A-Car Company)
Featherlite Coaches (Official Luxury Coach of NASCAR)
Featherlite Trailers (Official Trailers of NASCAR)
Ford Trucks (Official Truck of NASCAR)
Freightliner Trucks (Official Hauler)
Gillette (Official Shaving Product)
Goodyear (Exclusive Tire Supplier)
Gulfstream (NASCAR Prefers Gulfstream)
Hellmann’s (Unilever) (Proud Sponsor of NASCAR)
Ingersoll-Rand Company (Official Partner of NASCAR)
Kellogg’s (Official Breakfast Food/Fruit Flavored Snacks)
Klondike (Unilever) (Proud Sponsor of NASCAR)
Lawry’s (Unilever) (Proud Sponsor of NASCAR)
Lipton (Unilever) (Proud Sponsor of NASCAR)
M&M’S (Mars Snackfood US) (The Official Chocolate of NASCAR)
Nabisco (Kraft) (Official Cookies and Crackers of NASCAR)
Nationwide (Official Insurance)
NicoDerm (Proud Sponsor of NASCAR)
Office Depot (Official Office Supply/Products Provider)
Old Spice (Official Antiperspirant, Deodorant & Bodywash)
Pedigree (Mars Petfood US) (Pedigree NASCAR Fans’ Best Friend)
Prislosec OTC (Official Frequent Heartburn Remedy)
Ragu (Unilever) (Proud Sponsor of NASCAR)
Safety-Kleen (Proud Sponsor of NASCAR)
Sirius Satellite Radio (Official Satellite Radio Partner of NASCAR)
Snickers (Mars Snackfood US) (Official Chocolate Bar)
Sony (Official Consumer Electronics)
Sprint (Official Series Sponsor)
Sunoco (Official Fuel)
The Home Depot (Official Home Improvement Warehouse)
Tissot (Official Timekeeper and Official Watch of NASCAR)
Top-Flite (Official Golf Balls)
Toyota (Official Passenger Car of NASCAR)
Tylenol (Official Partner of NASCAR)
UPS (Official Delivery Service)
USG (Official Partner of NASCAR)
Visa (Official Card)
Wishbone (Unilever) (Proud Sponsor of NASCAR)
Yardman (MTD Products) (Official Lawn & Garden Equipment of NASCAR)

funniest or most creative gets 10



Duct Tape – The Official “Honey I Threw the Remote and Broke it Again When I Heard That ‘NASCAR’ Ruling” Remote Control Repair of NASCAR.

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