Sandra asks…

is there no side effects of taking baking soda constantly as a remedy for heartburn?


Thats a lot of sodium to be ingesting, how about seeing your doctor for a script of protonix or prevacid? I did, best move I ever made, heartburn free for 2 years now. You could try Prilosec OTC also.


Mary asks…

Heartburn, stomach pain, throwing up ~ help!?

My husband has had acid reflux for YEARS and it just kills him.

He was on Prevacid, but we lost benefits and he doesn’t have any more. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING over the counter works for him poor guy and we’re at our wits end until we get insurance to take him in!

PROBLEM: today/yesterday, his heartburn is SO bad that his stomach is hurting horribly. he is throwing up (only once) but mostly gagging/throwing up on the foamy (probably from the remedies he tried like baking soda) regurg from the reflux.

We’re at our wit’s end, and have tried vinegar, cinnamon, cutting diet, baking soda, celery, all kinds of things!

He’s not able to eat, can’t lay down, can’t sit still, miserable and hurting ~ please give us advice for HORRIBLE acid reflux w/o a doctor (since no insurance that’s ABSOLUTELY last resort)

Even an idea of why his stomach is hurting now, and why he’s not getting better with ANYTHING?!
Edit: he has taken Prilosec, Zantac, ALL of those and even doubled them at times to no avail. Nexium works, but if he EVER runs out it’s 3x worse heartburn, and Prevacid is the best for him. It’s over 300 dollars for a 30 day supply. Yes, cut corners, but he’s almost going to the ER today . . that’s why I’m worried.

Milk did help 3 days ago, but now suddenly he’s so much worse and can’t drink it without it coming up. We wonder if he overdid the milk.

Please any other suggestions? (I KNOW we have to go to DR ~ I’m talking about while we’re trying to get appt and get there and the money saved)
When I say OTC things don’t work ~ what I mean is that he takes the pill/powder/whatever and absolutely no relief . . . NONE . . . yes we’ve waited for it to kick in.


Try to use homopathetic medicines (natural medicine.)


John asks…

I think I’m having heartburn, what should I do?

It started this morning after I ate a hard-boiled egg and a piece of chocolate for breakfast. Then my chest started burning, and it hurt a ton! I googled it, and is sounded like heartburn, so I took a Tums. It helped very quickly but then after a few minutes, the pain came back. Later on, I took two more Tums, a spoonful of ice cream, an apple, and a cracker (based on some internet remedy). The Tums helped some, but when I started eating the food, it came back. Then I took a glass of water with a teaspoon of baking soda in it. This helped for about 30-60 minutes. So then I felt well enough to have some lasagna, but I wasn’t able to finish it because when I eat, the burning comes back. What should I do? What can I eat? I’ve been in pain for almost 10 hours now! And it’s driving me crazy, lying down makes it worse, so I can’t even sleep.


Perhaps ginger ale might help.

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