Michael asks…

Pregnant with bronchitis?

I started with a URI 5 days ago, that I was coughing so much that I couldn’t keep any food or liquids. 5 days later I was at in the ER with Bronchitis and dehydration. So they gave me an x-ray to check out my lungs because I was having trouble breathing. All was ok. So they gave me a breathing treatment and and 2 bags of saline. I also have acid reflux, which is causing me to continue to throw up. Has anyone experienced this before? I am on zpack, cough medicine, prilosec OTC and an inhaler. The doctor is the one who put me on all this stuff. I just feel like am i putting harm to my baby? should i be concerned? I am going to call the doctor again tomorrow. I still can’t keep food or liquid down.
I am 32 weeks pregnant


Early in my pregnancy I had bronchitis too!
I was so worried, I had it for about 2 weeks before i even went to the doctor to get diagnosed.
They gave me a Z-Pack & an inhaler as well. But that was it.
Theirs only certain antibiotics they can give you while pregnant.
That’s why they gave you the Z-Pack, it wont hurt the baby.

I wouldn’t worry too much, as long as your doctors know you’re pregnant when they treat, nothing should go wrong.
Best of luck! :)


Ken asks…

Why am I sick, and is my doctor wrong? PLEASE help?

A brief medical history: I started getting really sick at the end of 2005 (I was 15) and I would be nauseous all the time. I had intense stomach pain, also. After months of tests, I finally had my gallbladder out because it was non-functioning. The doctors have since put me on birth control for heavy, painful periods and I was on Zoloft for a while for anxiety and OCD. I’ve also had irritable bowel syndrome ever since.

In early 2008, when I was 17, I had my appendix out in an emergency.

In February 2010 I got mono. I kept telling the doctors my spleen hurt, and they finally (after begging) did a test and found out it was taking my spleen a long time to go back to normal size, told me to take it easy.

About four weeks ago, I went to a new doctor (got tired of not being taken seriously at my last one) and told him that I’ve been very nauseous, and have had tightness in my throat/trouble swallowing. He said it was acid reflux, and put me on Ranitidine. It wasn’t working, and after days of waiting for a response, he told me I could try Prilosec. After three weeks of treatment, I am no better than I was. In fact, I’m more nauseous than ever.

Sunday night I felt pain in my lower abdomen and felt a hard lump. I told the nurse on the phone at the doctor’s and she said she’d tell him, but I don’t think she did. My mom called to make me an appt. and the doctor said it was an ovarian cyst and probably PCOS. I had an ultrasound that showed NOTHING. I’m leaving for school (hopefully. It all depends on my health) in two and a half weeks, so the doctor agreed to order me a cat scan, but he “wasn’t happy about it.” and thought I was overreacting. Thing is, he’s making me pee in a cup to prove I’m not pregnant. Now I can tell you for a fact that there are at least 5 reasons I couldn’t be pregnant (not sexually active, weight LOSS, hymen intact, ultrasound showed no baby, on birth control, etc.) and anytime I’ve ever had a test like this, they just make me sign a paper saying that I’m not pregnant.

My mom said he’s just making me go for a urine test because he wants to make the process of getting my test as inconvenient as possible because I practically demanded more testing, and he’s mad that the radiographer assured me it wasn’t a cyst before the Dr. had a chance to look over the results.

Q1: Is my doctor a clown? Not only is it hard to get ahold of him (even with nurses intervening), but he seems to not know what he’s talking about half the time, and he told me that my painful lump (that is STILL there) was a cyst that probably already went away when they did the ultrasound.

Q2: What could be causing my constant nausea and feeling of tightness in my throat? It’s not my breathing that feels tight, but it’s uncomfortable to swallow sometimes and in general I feel like I’m always wearing a tight turtleneck sweater.


First, get a new doctor. There are ton of doctors out there who will listen to you at least a little better then the guy your seeing. Second, I really have no idea what could be up with all your symptoms, lol, but I’d suggest you go see someone who sees alot of unusual cases. They will push harder then most doctors to test you untill they find an answer.

I’ve been sick for the last 2 years and nobody knows what’s wrong with me and I might never know (not that you won’t). In fact, I’m spending my day at johns Hopkins tomorrow (super fun). All I know is, it totally sucks in every way to not know what’s going on with your body and never having any answers and constantly having to explain/defend yourself to the doctors who never help anyways. This probly didn’t help at all but I can identify with you and if you ever wanna talk email me. (I’m 16 by the way)


George asks…

How much does a trip to the hospital cost?

Im 16 and I think i might have a stomach ulcer. I looked it up, and I see that I have alot of the symptoms. I’ve had it for about 4 years now. The pain would come and go. Im afraid my clock is ticking and that I need to get to the hospital SOON. But my parents… parents. lol talking about them would turn this question into a story. I just need to know how much would it cost for me to go to the hospital and get a check up and a treatment for an ulcer?

Also, I was diagnosed with Acid reflux when I was just a baby. Could I be confusing the ulcer with something thats just Reflux?

Im really scared, please help! Im in tears right now from what i just read about ruptured ulcers. :(


Please. Calm down :) The chances that you have a stomach ulcer about to rupture are infinitesimal.

Except for your reproductive health – birth control, etc – at 16 you cannot give consent for your own medical treatment. Except in life-or-death emergencies, doctors and hospitals need your parents’ permission to treat you.

If you cannot talk to your parents about this, then go see your school nurse or your guidance counselor or even your gym teacher: tell one of them what is going on with you and they will intercede with your parents and see that you get the help you need. But the first thing you need to do is stop reading web sites that describe ruptured stomach ulcers!

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