Helen asks…


My boyfriend consulted a doctor yesterday for the reason that he was experiencing hyperacidity.

With the following symptoms:
Sour or bitter taste in the mouth
Pain after eating food especially during heavy meals
vomiting sometimes

He had no other vices such as smoking, alcohol….

for now he is taking MAALOX PLUS. That’s what the doctor’s prescription.
Can you suggest effective treatment or HOME REMEDIES for hyperacidity or heartburn?


Digestive enzyme supplements from health food stores. By the way, most people who suffer acid reflux and heartburn have low stomach acid/lack of enzymes. Home remedy would be apple cider vinegar. Also, the H Pylori bacteria can cause this condition. To read more>>>>


Laura asks…

What do you use to treat “occasional” heartburn?

By “occasional,” I mean heartburn that you may get a few times a year at most if you eat too much or eat something that is too spicy, greasy, etc. Those who suffer from GERD usually take very different medicines than those of us who only get heartburn once in a great while.

I’m curious to know what people use – either home remedies or specitif over-the-counter medications. If you use something like Maalox, Mylanta, or Pepto Bismol, please mention if you usually use liquid or tablets.

Sometimes heartburn can come back a few minutes or a few hours after treating it (think of those Pepcid Complete commercials from a few months ago). If that happens to you, do you use the same treatment again, or do you normally try something else (i.e. something stronger)?
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I try to be proactive and to avoid foods that I know trigger it in me — such as fried foods. I avoid them, if at all possible. If I decide to eat something fried I eat only a very small amount. If I eat any more I will regret it later.

I’m not always so good. I can have a problem if I eat brownies, of all things. Those are harder not to eat.

Everyone has their own triggers. There are foods that are more common triggers such as spicy foods, fried food, and fatty foods. In my father it is tomato. You should try to learn yours so you don’t have a problem. When I do have a problem I use Maalox. That is a personal preference, but it seems to work for me. I have heard that if you know in advance that you will be eating a food that is one of your triggers you can eat the Maalox in advance of the meal.

I’ve attached an article that talks about other lifestyle and diet changes that might help you. Since I figured out my triggers I’ve gone from having heartburn almost daily to having it only a few times a year.

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