Richard asks…

pregnant women please????

I am 8 months pregnant and having serious indigestion/heartburn….does anyone know any home remedies for this?


Baking soda and water.Put a tablespoon in 8oz’s of water and chug it will taste HORRIBLE but it works.And it won’t hurt the baby.


Ruth asks…

What can a pregnant woman take for heartburn?

I’m 18 weeks and just started getting heartburn really bad. I mean I get it just from drinking water, ANYTHING! My doc gave me a list of meds I can take for it but none of them work so I was just wondering if anyone knew of some kind of solution because it’s getting so bad. A home remedy maybe??? I’ll try anything to get get it to stop! Here is a list of the meds my doc gave me so if you know of anything else thats not listed on it, please let me know and I’ll run it by the doc at my next appt. Thanks so much!
To Kristin—yah the 3-4 Tablespoons of White Vinegar does sound gross but I will definitely try it. THAT is how BAD it has gotten. I will try ANYTHING. Last night I was told to try 2 tablespoons of mustard and I did but it didn’t work so I’m all for trying the home remedies, gross or not, I’m dying here, haha!
To everyone who mentioned tums–I have eaten tums non-stop and I’ve noticed that it does ease it a tad bit but doesn’t take it away. It’s the same with milk. I drink a lot of milk anyway but I tried maybe not drinking as much thinking the amount I was drinking was making the heartburn worse but no luck. Thank you for the suggestions though.
To Pinkadot—Thanks I will ask my doc about Nexium at my next appt.


I take Nexium – the little purple pill – and it is WONDERFUL. I get reflux really bad… And it’s the only thing that works. Tums are a quick fix, you just don’t want to take too many of them, you don’t want too much Calcium or you might get kidney stones! Happened to my friend. She would take 10 or more a day and had kidney stones during her pregnancy because of it.

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