Sharon asks…

Morning Sickness: Did Sea-Bands work for you during your pregnancy? what about Ginger tea?!?

I’m 6 weeks pregnant and the “joy” of morning sickness has me crying, gagging and puking. I even have trouble sleeping due to my heartburn! =/ Is there any women out there that have used Sea-Bands, I’ve heard they worked but I would love to hear it coming from REAL WOMEN! Also, Have you tried Ginger Tea for morning sickness? Or maybe you know a remedy or two that helped you out during your morning sickness? Please ladies, I am truly desperate to feel better! =( Thank You for reading. [Also, I do know that Ginger Ale and Bland crackers and clear soups sort of work]
once again, Thanks! =)


The best thing I had ever found was a product called ‘preggy pops’. They are a hard candy. They work instantly for morning sickness and they taste great. I am not pregnant any longer but I still keep them in my purse for the occasions that I do not feel well. All my pregnant friends love them as well!
Its wonderful to have that sick feeling go away so fast.
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy


Nancy asks…

Four pregnancy questions all in one?

So I only have 6 more weeks to go. Woo! And I have a few different questions so I figured I’d put them all in one big question for you all :)

1. Braxton Hicks contractions. My mom said she had gotten them around 30 weeks with my younger sister and me. I haven’t gotten any at all. (I’m about 34 weeks) Is this normal? Do some people get them and others don’t? Will my birth be harder because my uterus isn’t “practicing”?

2. I have had a really easy pregnancy. I never had any morning sickness or anything like it. But I have the worst heartburn ever! I don’t really want to take any drugs unless I absolutely HAVE to. Is there anyone out there who found another remedy for heartburn that doesn’t involve Tums, pepto bismol, etc.?

3. I also have horrible insomnia lately. Usually I can sleep like a log, but lately no matter what I do I can’t fall asleep! Did anyone out there find a “cure” to pregnancy insomnia?

4. I have a job where I’m not allowed to sit down unless I’m on my break. (I work 6 hour shifts so I only get a 15 minute break) During the day I have very comfy shoes I wear and jelly-like inserts that I put in my shoes to add support and help cushion the pressure, but my ankles and knees hurt so bad after work its ridiculous. Is there anything else I can do to try and make my legs feel better while at work?

Thank you all for your answers in advance!


I’ll be willing to bet that you’ve had braxton hicks but you just didn’t realize that that’s what it was. Have you ever felt your tummy get hard for a little bit? That’s what it is. They don’t necessarily hurt, but you’ll notice them more if you’re looking for them, and they occur more frequently if you’re moving around, exercising, walking, cleaning, bending, etc. Pay attention to this when you’re moving around and I bet you’ll notice a few.

I had bad heartburn too, especially at night. If you have a recliner that you can sleep in it helps a TON! When you get heartburn, eat some kind of protein snack, like mild cheese or some starch like crackers. Stomach acid reacts to break down proteins, so you can either use it up to digest protein or you can help soak it up with a starch. I found that drinking half a cup to one cup of milk when I had heartburn would cure it for at least half an hour to an hour. Milk is good for you too, so it works for you in more than one way. Milk helped me the most. –And about the tums that everyone is recommending, it’s actually bad if you take them on a regular basis because the extra calcium in them calcifies on the placenta if you get too much calcium in your diet. If you calicify too much it can hurt the function of the placenta. A couple every once in a while is absolutely fine, but don’t be popping them like candy. Milk/cheese/crackers/bread work much better, are healthy for you and are all natural.

If you drink a chamomile tea before bed, and rub your belly with some lavender lotion it helps a lot to relax you. Taking a really warm shower is great. Keep the lights and music low before bed.

Unless you have varicose veins, a good leg rub and a soak in epsom salts will do wonders to help relieve swelling and aching in your joints after work. If you have varicose veins, you’re not supposed to rub them because tiny clots can form in them which would normally reabsorb. If you rub them it can move them and could potentially cause you complications. A soak in epsom salts will do good either way though. Keep your feet elevated whenever possible. If it gets too much to stand, your doctor can probably give you a medical excuse to have you sit more than a 15 minute period every day.

Almost there Mommy! Hang in there – it’ll be over before you know it!

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