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GERD/Heartburn cure from Lagadyn?


I’ve suffered for a while now with GERD which I think has led to mild esophagitis. Mostly now it’s just heartburn issues and pain when swallowing. I’m not a fan of the usual antacid and PPI regimens and I’ve been hoping to find a natural remedy that works.

So, I found this doctor’s website, William Lagadyn, who says he’s found the cure of all cures for heartburn. It’s hard to trust a website that only has nothing but glowing reviews of miraculous results, and frankly I’m just skeptical.

Has anybody tried Lagadyn’s cure? Can anybody give feedback on whether or not it was worth it to spend the twenty bucks on it? I mean, 20 bucks is nothing compared to getting rid of heartburn, and it’s nothing really just to buy the book anyway and give it a shot, but I was just hoping to hear from anyone who has actually tried his “cure”.

Also, any feedback or help with GERD/Heartburn would be great too! This left side throat pain when swallowing is getting pretty annoying.



I think it was Dr. Dean Edell on radio who recently suggested the ‘pain in the throat’ (swallowing, sounds same) may be serious and indicates real medical attention is recommended.

Good luck.

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