David asks…

OTC remedies for Acid Reflux?

What is your preference of over the counter treatment for this disease?

Thank you!!


I tried all the Prilosec meds and Tums and everything, and the thing that worked best for me was changing my diet. I took out all the acidic foods and soda, and it has almost entirely cleared up.


Sandra asks…

Lump in throat? so uncomfortable please help=(?

It’s wednesday night and I’ve had a lump in my throat ever since last friday night. i had been taking over the counter omaprazole daily for my acid reflux ever since friday night and i’m not sure if the lump was caused by the medication. my doctor insists that i take the actual medication (Prilosec, i think?) but i’m afraid that this throat problem may be a reaction to the medication.

the lump feels as if it’s at the base of my tongue but above the adam’s apple and it is the most uncomfortable feeling EVER! it feels like i’m short of breath and as I think about it it feels like a bigger lump/bigger problem. it’s causing me anxiety.

bottom line- is there any type of treatment that can cure this lump? how long should it last for? should i continue the medication?

thank you


It sounds like a mouth ulcer. I think you can get some gel for this. Usually I squeeze it (if you can reach that far) and it goes away but I wouldn’t recommend that lol.

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