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Pregnant w/ bad heartburn :( Any natural remedies or tips for me?

My heartburn is SO BAD. But I am determined to get through it without taking medication. I sleep with my head and chest elevated, gave up my oranges (my main pregnancy craving), tried tums and they don’t help at all, eat small meals, quit eating a couple of hours before bedtime. What are some things I can do besides take the prescription I’ve been prescribed? Any natural remedies anyone has heard of? I never have a problem with heartburn except for during my pregnancies so I really don’t know. It’s gotten to the point where I have a cough all day now where it used to be only at night. Even though I keep my head and chest elevated I am still extremely uncomfortable. And it’s starting to happen during the day. I’m 31 weeks pregnant. Thanks!


I tried everything and nothing worked for me until i had the baby. I tried tums, milk sleeping with my held up on pillows and nothing. Pretty soon you will have the baby and be fine

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