Ken asks…

can i be pregnant…just opinions?

for the past two weeks i been experiencing of which people call pregnancy symptoms..don’t want to get my mind worked up and think i am pregnant when im not or if i think im not pregnant when iam understand?? anyways my period is not due till around the 22 or 21 impossibleee for me to start menstruation symptoms too soon i have an regular period..i just started discharging Leukorrhea mucus..said it is not from ovulation…i have been nausea, i use to pee alot before anything happen, now i pee more often and less then before constantly having heartburn; and i stop eating greasy foods but that does work everything i eat feels like it just sits on my chest; i taken peto bism and that dosent work either; i have constipation to the Point i tear; my breast hurt on and off; my stomach is the worse i feel like punching it it hurts so much; i get hot when i sleep; even after i take a shower and relax i start to get hot; my nose is swelling; my backaches ; side aches; i even keep Straightht pasture in my back when it hurts but that make it no better; i get mood swings; i curse my family out wen they start talking to me; i sleep in my classes; every possible place i can lay my head; i wait 4 the bus and cant stand up for to long like i said before i don’t want to get worked up but i taken 2 pregnancy test 1 week ago of course; my friends and family telling me i tested to early iam ; dreaming bout me being pregnant with twins ; whole bunch of crap like that i had unprotected sex that resulteded me to this situation of course..i just want yahoos opinion


Doesn’t sound like pregnancy to me, but maybe you should go right to the hospital, you got problems.


William asks…

Late!!!!! 9 weeks….. pregnancy sysmptoms~!!~ any comments would be great?

9 weeks late!~ no period but im now getting slight mild period feeling pains that come and go.
i have been getting all the pregnancy symptoms started with no period and goin to the toilet alot more then i ever do and then to heartburn and then nausea every morning and still to this morning ans a lot of other symptoms that indicate pregnancy.
I did a test and it was negative but my family has a history to pull negative Home tests and only untra sound will find the right answer so im just wanting to get some of your advise and comments Do you think im pregnant? I personally think i am i feel bloated and different in a way.

any comments would be great just wanna get some answers from the public! :) Thank you in advanced


I think you should visit your doctor and take a pregnancy test there. Sounds like you could be pregnant, you have a lot of early pregnancy symptoms.

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