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Stomach Problems, mainly after eating.?

A few months ago, I started having stomach problems after I ate. The issues ranged a lot depending on what I ate, but I couldn’t find one specific thing that was worse than others. I’m 15 years old and I’ve been a vegetarian since the age of five. I’ve had past problems with dairy that seemed to be short term, so I decided to try going vegan to see if my symptoms persisted. Before this, I had gone to a doctor who ran some tests for various things such as Celiac (family history), Crohns, etc (cannot recall others). All were negative. He put me on strong antacids to try before each meal. They worked okay, but for some reason or another I stopped taking them and went vegan. This new diet was a bit of a leap of faith, because for a week or so stretch I was getting nauseated after eating absolutely anything-from pasta and kidney beans to a banana. I went vegan on July 2nd. I was fine for the most part, but occasionally I would get randomly ill. These events were sporadic, so I ignored them and appreciated that I seemed to be better overall. A few days ago, I started getting stomach aches after eating again. I never throw up-I’ve gotten the runs, been bloated, and felt like I needed to vomit-but I never did. Often with these pains I get what I’d assume to be heartburn. I remember, though, that this first doctor had ruled out acid-reflux for some reason. I’ll also usually get a slight fever-I never actually take my temperature, but I’ll get very cold and when I go to feel my forehead, it’s warmer than usual. Please keep in mind that I am currently not eating eggs, meat, or dairy. I realize that I could have a gluten intolerance that the test for Celiac would not have picked up on, but wheat roducts don’t always make me sick. I usually get crippling stomach pains after eating rice, but not rice products. I’m not as thin as I’d like to be, but I’m more ‘soft’ than overweight (no one’s told me I need to loose weight, at least not a doctor or health care professional). I’d also like to note that sometimes these stomach pains feel as if there is a dull ache due to a stick or something going through me between my last few ribs. It’s not really a sharp pain, I’m probably making it sound like torture, but it just strikes me as odd that it affects my back. I am going to see a GI specialist soon, but it’s just been bothering me so much I was hoping I could go with some insight. Perhaps after all this someone has a few things I should suggest to be tested for? If you’ve read all the way to the end of this, wow, you’re a swell person. Even if you cannot help me, I really appreciate you looking this over in an attempt to assist me. I am very grateful for any advice, ideas, suggestions, whatever you have to offer. Thanks!

PS (Not ridiculously important, in case you have something to say but can’t put up with me any longer, you can skip this): I just wanted to add a few things that might be worth taking into consideration… I’m not pregnant, I promise; I’ve never had an eating disorder; I have no doctor confirmed allergies (the rice I declared on my own accord); I’m not willing to eat meat again; and I am moderately medicine opposed. Meaning, I LOVE natural remedies, I’ll edit my diet (as you can see from my veganism), I’m all for vitamins, I just don’t like relying on pills. Obviously, I’ll give them a chance if they’re necessary, just putting all of that out there.

Thanks again you darling individuals. (:


Perhaps you could try liquid chlorophyll every day as it promotes a healthy digestive environment as in

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