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Stomach pain after eating and constant hunger?

I had my gallbladder out almost 2 years ago. So I know it’s not that. The past week or 2 whenever I eat, I get really bad pain in my upper abdomen. Almost like I am going to have diarrhea. I try to go, nothing. No gas either. Tried gas remedies too. Then about 20 minutes later, I am starving again. I have started eating salad when the hunger pains hit, that causes no pain. But something with fat (like red meat or even gold fish crackers) causes me awful pain. I take nexium for heartburn. I don’t want to call my doctor yet again and be told it’s nothing major. Anybody else have this issue?


You diffinatly need to see a doctor hunn, You could be very very hurt still. Some doctors make mistakes and leave things in the surgery wounds, they also could have had things not heal right. Please go see a doctor about that and dont foget to get a second opinion on it.


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