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How did you keep calm during the first trimester of a good pregnancy after bad experiences?

I am 7 (!) weeks pregnant after over 2 years of TTC, 2 miscarriages, 2 iui procedures, clomid, hcg trigger and now progesterone suppositories… Needless to say, it has been quite a journey for someone who is only 27.

Of course, I have an amazing RE and OB who are watching me like a hawk, am reading and rereading all the books, websites and magazines but feel that real life advice from mommies who have been there is the best. Thank goodness I have a super supportive mom and mother-in-law and girlfriends but no one has been through anything like I have… So I am looking to you here…

I have been getting an ultrasound a week and have seen my little bean and his/her heartbeat twice so far… The RE is so confident and has told me not to worry but I am finding myself waiting for the worst to happen!!! It is not good for me or the baby, I know, but I cannot help it… What can I do to stop this disaster thinking?!?!

Also, I am very concerned about my weight. I have not gained anything yet but am starting out weighing more than I should (stress and fertility treatments mess a person up!)… This is a sensitive issue for me (I have been battling bulemia for years) and I am embarrassed to ask anyone else. I do not have morning sickness but have developed major reflux and heartburn so I am eating 100-300 calories every few hours… I am eating fresh foods, fruits, veggies, high fiber grains – not junk but am still afraid of gaining too much!!! Calm me down, please!!!
I have not had an active bulemia period since before starting ttc… I mentioned it b/c I need to stay realistic about the fact I will gain weight while pregnant.


The only thing that stops me from worrying after miscarrying at 9 weeks and 2 days on 6/6/08 is that this is a whole new pregnancy. I’m now 9 weeks pregnant today and have really bad morning sickness, it’s that bad that i have not kept any food down so far today. But i know that most women in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy don’t put any weight on at all or even lose a few pounds. I know that when my morning sickness passes i’ll make up for it. But as for those few women who put lot’s of weight on, their is loads of help out there to help them loose the baby weight they gained and most of it is free. Right now you just need to go with the flow. All the bad things like miscarriage are sadly out of our control and their for stressing wont make a difference at all. Your pregnant and should enjoy it, you should be proud of your bump, putting weight on in pregnancy is better then being thin and unhealthy. With eating the right food and exercising you will not put loads of weight on. Try swimming it’s fantastic for us pregnant ladies. I wish you all the luck in the world with your pregnancy, please take care and enjoy your pregnancy. Feel free to email me any time for a chat. Xxx

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